Navigating Fair Work laws while trying to dismiss an employee can be a vary stressful period (trust us, we've been there).


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Dismissing employees can turn into an HR nightmare if the correct procedures aren't followed. Our service is a direct, on-site, consultating process where we attend your workplace and conduct the meetings with you and/or for you. If you do not have a suitable workplace, we can do it in a private and confidential boardroom at our head office free of charge. We can also spend one on one time with you to share best practice tips for successful terminations down the road.

All businesses should have employment contracts and clearly outline business policies and procedures in an employee handbook. Both should also define the terms and conditions of employment and provide clear disciplinary rules and procedures for dismissal. If your company does not have these in place, or if they are outdated, we can correct all of these for you. It is important that all your employees have signed an employment contract, handbook and induction checklist to show they have read them. 

Always follow correct procedure and have all the facts before you dismiss an employee. HR Man are specialists in all aspects of fair and unfair dismissals. This is why we provide a guarantee on all our services. Call us today on 0499051239 for specialist advice.


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Disciplining an employee is an uncomfortable and difficult process for an employer to undertake. The implications for poorly conducting a disciplinary meeting can not only have major FairWork ramifications, it can also negatively impact workplace morale and professional relationships. It is therefore important for employers to get the process right and do it properly.

There are some standard steps every employer should follow to ensure any disciplinary meeting has been handled properly, some of those are listed below:

  • Notify The Employee Of A Disciplinary Meeting

Before any meeting regarding the conduct of an employee, they should be advised in writing of the upcoming meeting. This allows the individual to assess any allegations raised, and importantly to arrange for a support person they may wish to accompany them.

  • ​Provide An Opportunity For The Employee To Respond

Allowing the employee to respond to any claims of misconduct, is a vital step in the process.

  • Provide The Option Of Bringing A Support A Person

There is no definitive list of the type of support person an employee can bring to a disciplinary meeting however, for the sake of affording the employee procedural fairness, they should have the option to bring someone to emotionally support them through the process. For example, there is no legal requirement for a support person to be a union delegate or a family member, it is simply someone to provide the employee with emotional support and is not someone that is there to advocate for or speak on behalf of the employee.

  • Provide Opportunity For The Employee To Address Their Conduct

A disciplinary meeting is not automatically a meeting before the employee is dismissed, it is a time for both parties to address a specific issue with the employee’s conduct. For example, a disciplinary meeting may be needed if an employee has been bullying other staff; in which case a meeting would be used as a fact finding and information gathering process, allowing the employer to make an informed decision following the meeting.

By using our service we will conduct all of the above steps, plus provide all the written documentation for it. We also have a guarantee on our services*. For advice on how to manage a disciplinary meeting call HR Man today or book a Free Workplace Check here.


This is for HR Man service members and protects against the financial costs of workplace claims.

Provided you follow and enact the advice we provide to you along the way, HR Man offers protection for legal liability and defence costs arising from employment relations.

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