your personal HR Manager

without the cost

It is understood that in business, there is no finish line.

Understanding this makes it easy to realise that investing, in the right processes and systems, will ensure your business doesn't fall behind.

Don’t spread yourself too thin ! 


Your focus and follow through is much more important in the areas you excel. 

This is where HR Man comes in...

Who We Are.

HR Man is a personal HR Manager for your business that guards and insures you against a range of workplace risks, including: unfair dismissal, wrongful redundancy, harassment, bullying and constructive dismissal.

Not only do we provide full insurance and carry out all your HR needs, we cover you for 365 days of the year at the cost of a standard HR Managers fortnightly wage! 

We have no lock in fees. We have one off services or month to month plans. We also do yearly discounted services.

When you deal with HR Man you are talking to a real person, a qualified person that is credentialed to deal with your matters. No waiting, no hold ups - prompt professional service (without the expense).

With regards to dismissals and terminations, HR Man will conduct the whole process for you. This will remove your need to deal with the stress and emotions of terminating staff within your business. Again, no waiting, no hold ups and no extra expenses.

We can take away the need for your company to employ a dedicated HR Manager, or if you have a HR Manager, we can provide you the guarantees, insurances and reassurances for your HR team and their functions.


HR Man was born to help build better businesses, and let the experts focus on the services they do best.


From small and medium enterprises, family businesses all the way to large companies, HR Man offer a personal suite of services to insure you against Australia's national workplace relations system.

Our Commitment To All Clients.

  • No hidden fees, fine prints or contracts​

  • No placing clients on hold, talking to operators or having clients repeat their matter 

  • Same day response time; no lengthy delays or unnecessary hold ups

  • Professional and courteous at all times

  • Full insurance and best practice industry standards

Our service is centred around four key elements.

Depending on your needs we can provide a simple one off, with no strings attached, or we can be a permanent partner where we are available 24/7. 


We review your workplace processes and documents to identify specific gaps or areas for improvement. Based on this, we work together with you to provide the best tools for your business to safeguard your workplace.


Depending on the service you chose, we focus on being able to provide you with unlimited, proactive and professional advice on all employment relations and other HR matters whenever you need it.


HR Man can replace the need for a HR Manager, and attend your workplace to conduct any meetings needed. Alternatively, you can do it free of charge at our office. In the event of a claim against your business, our team will walk you through it step by step to ensure you are covered.


HR Man provide a guarantee on all their services. This means we can protect you from the financial risks associated with Fair Work and unfair dismissal claims. With the HR Man, you can be rest assured that you are always covered, with no hidden fees.

Contact Us.

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1 Keith Campbell Court, Scoresby. Vic. 3179.

Tel: 0499051239

Fax: 1300 720 935